Christopher Calhoun

Christopher Calhoun's work has been published in Emersonís Berkeley Beacon, The Wednesday Journal, Oak Leaves, Trapeze, Keystrokes: Volume III and Young Voices Foundationís Oh The Stories They Tell! national anthology. In 2006, he founded his own self-publishing company, Rainbows Publishing Inc. He tutors, volunteers and mentors inner city youth and children through a non-for-profit after-school writing center, 826 Boston, and through an early education organization devoted to language and literary skills, Jumpstart. He recently traveled to Arusha, Tanzania for six weeks where, at an orphanage with over 100 students, he taught them how to read, write and speak English as a second language. He has taken creative writing and literature courses at Northwestern University and Emerson College. Currently he works with the editorial staff at Beacon Press and serves as Prose Editor of Stork Magazine.

You can contact Mr. Calhoun via e-mail at or access his website at:

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Diary of a Runaway Slave
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