Little Serpent Monster

by Butterfly

Do not come around here, monster
Ripping and stripping

There'll be no feast on my son today or any day

I shall not let the words from your serpent tongue come
near the ears of my son

You have taken the son of my grandmother and my mother
The father of my son and those mothers' sons that were my lovers
and whom I have loved
You shall not feast on my son Serpent Monster

Your belly is never full
You have no care for these women left childless

You almost made a way
Ripping and stripping
I was tricked
I know the pleasure you take
in condemnation Serpent The hand of love
whose fingers are thorns
and palms gummed-hell which your prey sink into like quicksand

I said the negative words to my son in anger
and I could feel you grow
I heard you inhale satisfaction
You'll get no satisfaction from me
I shall never feed my son to you   you wretched bastard.

Your pleasure is to see
my black men down

                      and lost.

You love when they steal and kill for you
You love my black man's ignorance

and you hide his knowledge
You destroy his pride:
ripping and stripping his dignity

until their eyes see only your words
Your lies and your hell
When they have proven themselves worthy of you
You take them to your father

You'll not take my son Serpent Monster

I know you well  You forget Serpent
I like others was once your game
I know what pleases you
How to get your attention and hold it
You forget that your father wanted
at the same time as Thy Father in the Great Heaven
I know your game Serpent
You do not know Thy Father's
You cannot destroy me... and I will never -

you near
my son!

To be continued...

                     - a Butterfly's opinion -

Little Serpent Monster by Butterfly

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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