Faire Ve Sant's: Tales From The Poets Bar

by Butterfly

(For a consultant named Doc)

If the gentleman would please rise for the occasion, we require his beautiful harmony.

Magic minds... Rhythm blinds... Shut the shades of negative vibes
Dig the flow of what is fine.

Definition of Chillin'

Three days ago I was wondering if the four days ahead would be different
So I decided to wake up on the fourth day... and there it was:
     A chance to make it my way
Ooh the game of odds

I guess it's like the cup The cup? The cup is viewed as being half
   empty or half full
        depending on the way you look at it Dig. I say...there's a cup...
	which has the ability to contain

Ooh...Determining Obvious Course-ha

A colleague of mine one questioned my passivity He said he could not 
  understand my   hesitancy in reaching goals
"The obstacles you can easily overcome my brother... Why lay in the pool
  of limitations when your goals scream for you to step over into the sea
  of endless possibilities"

He said "Me and many have learned so much from you... doesn't that tell you 
     something?" I pondered for a moment on his statement
You see my colleague and I often elate on an intellectual and psychological tip I had to 
come back with an even more intellectual response. "Yes" I replied
It tells me that maybe I should become a consultant and charge you and 
many--my brother

Designation Of a Catalyst

La, la...la, la Rhythm I think rhythm is a primal institution; an emphatic
conditioning to the state of mind that is ... absolution
Rhythm. Rhythm people is a mode It is an indecisive exploration and 
expression that stimulates and exhumes ones character
Take into consideration the state of mind of individuals in conjunction with your own...
What a trip
Now, dig if you will the influx of individuals you come into

	contact with in the course of a day
If each individual represented a different beat--which they do
	and you captured the most	distinct notes of those
        individuals, dubbed those notes with your vocals--and dig... If
	the conductor was you... la, la ... la,la people

Definition of Confluence

Whenever I say my name, it's like watching a floodgate explode
	in 3-D. "Faire Ve Sant?" they say
"Where did-- what kind---" My exposure to the reality of life
        has become my teacher in        determining my own way of living
Because of my beautiful race, I am a statement and a question just
	by my mere existence. I know this
However the provocation to vindicate either is no the matter at hand.
Like the cup... I exist, therefore, I contain

Does One Challenge?

I have known individuals whom have traveled to many countries yet
   cannot find their own decisions
The repetitive changing of places to avoid, instead of taking
   an objective view at self -- "Ooooh the fear of me! I cannot be...
   Am I... Why is it this way ... that way?"

Stop it    Stop it Stop ignoring self Self is calling Self in inquiring Self is
wondering	what the hell you are doing
Answer it Dig self Psssk I do Hey it all comes 	out in the wash

Denial Only Consumes

Before I leave, I'd like to leave you with a thought:

Should I come to you in a different color would you notice my voice? Should I speak to you in a 
different tongue would you hear my color? When the Label Maker asked me what race of man 
stood before him, I replied, "human" Was I a liar? What my eyes neglect to view, my ears... 

                                   - a Butterfly's opinion -

inspired by the music of recording group Portrait

Faire Ve Sant's: Tales From The Poets Bar by Butterfly

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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