by Butterfly

Inspired by Percussionist/Drummer: Hamid Drake

A little boy comes in her night dreams beating
A drum, he tells a story

A native one of his village
He once was born a brown elephant

When sun kissed moon he would bathe
In a river ivory his mother made

After many kisses the brown elephant became a bird
That multiplied into a large nation

Frost spiders came spraying webs
But just a few birds noticing became ants

The ants escaping back to the river
With broken tongues they speak in riddles

The river fed the ants and gave them souls
The ants went underground to learn and grow

And when the time came for them to rise
They rose as fisherman to rebuild tribes

The leader fisherman had a dream
Of a little boy who was borne from a tree

The gods of elements blessed his spirit
And with the drum he made the boy spoke in lyrics

"He is a life saved" said the gods "we are bringing forth
And all in this vessel shall be within his drum"

The fisherman awoke and spoke with his brothers
"Speak out speak up every voice every mutter"

This night I dream and let this be understood
Our lives shall be preserved in this vessel of wood

And from that river streamed this way
All they felt but could not say

A special man in a night club releases souls
As he plays his drums

She's in rapture by his presence
Sighs to herself "in a brown elephant"

She goes to sleep and in her dreams
The little boys plays...smiling

Evolution  Evolution  Evolution

                   - a Butterfly's opinion -

Evolution by Butterfly

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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