The Black Suits

by Butterfly

Yeah, you'd better believe it Brothers' be lookin' good
with them brims and trench coats Shiiit
When they nicely built and got a stride, them brothers express
knowledge. They make me think of them
old detectives movies You know like the Untouchables Sherlock Holmes yeah
It ain't just a style it's an attitude
You know, 'bout believe it -- you become it
So don't be frontin' the brothers for that

What they do or what they did...they gon' always do
I don't care how they dress or what they deny
Brothers gon' always be brothers They just different classes that's all
You gotta trust in the roots Cuz you can only direct the trees' growth so far

But yeah rainy days... Man I love seeing brothers with newspapers and big umbrellas
Them big ass umbrellas You know they look like they got room for a lot
problems and a lot of dreams It's cool
You know... brothers come in to work and they look good
Some of them be some of the ugliest niggahs in the world but they got class
They got confidence

Yeah... I guess to a certain degree we all stereotype
I know I do   But shit you can't help it sometimes
We don~t give each other a choice
I guess we don't think about how much or what the other person goes through
to survive. We put down the Suites cuz we think they think
they're better than us

-Man check this out: I saw this brother right
He was buying a paper from this homeless dude and um,
he was talkin' to him  So like, these girls walked by
with this guy and they started buggin right
You know saying shit like: "that's how close the brother wanna be to his
people" you know " just passing change and move his Uncle Tom ass on
Mother Fucker probably got some white bitch"
I'm like DAMN! Sista's cold! Her friend the guy told her to chill right
He say " Look at that" the brother was writing some information on a paper for
the homeless dude Turns out the brother belongs to some kinda program
that helps less fortunate folks get it together. The guy with the chick told her to
quit buggin' and applauded the brother He yelled
back to the brother "Gon' spread that knowledge brother
we need more like yall!"

Man I thought that was cool
Made me take a second to look too
Cuz I was thinkin' just what that chick said man
Like I said you gotta trust in the roots

It's a trip you know  It's like you gotta
separate the mission from the man  You know
Like um, a brother might not take care of some matters
and we peep him on that   But then like our judgement gets clouded
and that petty shit becomes our total perception of the brother
But like ultimately and overall and shit brother got his roots, you know
Like he mess around a couple of folks but he helps preserve for the younger
brothers coming along  You can't mess with that shit   Ain't nobody perfect
right?  You gotta trust in the roots.

So yeah, Suits?  Brothers be lookin' good

                                                -a Butterfly's opinion -

The Black Suits by Butterfly

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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