Focus or Fold

by Chuck Burnz

Focus or Fold
My Storyís Untold
Shimmy or Shine
Burnz is Bringing  The Fire This Time

Setting yourself up for the kill
See, Everybody Talking about they representing
and keeping it REAL
Tisí Time that I spill
Something you can feel
In your Dome
Reorganizing brainwaves
Replacing the lies with TRUTH
Bringing Better Dayz
My rhymes to warn you
Cause END TIMES are upon you
In Noahís Day it Rained water
But, This Time ,
from NY to California
Remain in the devilís corner
Soon to be a goner
Extinct so donít Blink
We at - We At- We at -the Brink
Last Chance to change the way we Think
GOD made the Maze
Youíre the MOUSE in a Divided House
That can not STAND
So Whatís your Plan

Focus or Fold
My Stories Untold
Shimmy or Shine
Burnz is bringing the FIRE this Time

Focus or Fold
If it was Dominoes Negroes
Everybody Hands Fold
Revolution  -  REVOLUTION  +
REVELATION  18  Told that  SOON
The FIRE will Consume
The Legion of Doom
Righteous Mind state has no Room
For Double minded Baffoon
About to be Devoured Cause
Darkness Clouds Your Mind
So You Canít See Me
Ghetto Thug-Style Prophecies
Slowly , Drowning in the Burning Lake
of HIP-HOPCRACY Victim to the Mayhem
Sold the devil your Soul and Cranium
Walking Around Blind, Deaf and Dumb
Itís Insane
Like Your Bodyís been Injected with Novocain
NUMB- at Your Slave masters Table
Still Begging for Crumbs................

Focus or Fold by Chuck Burnz

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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