by Nathan'ette Burdine

I can hear a thunderous roar
And it is the very being
Who has graced the tongues of men and women
Coming to bring his children back home.
Will he take many, few, or none?
Will he judge them on the content of their character or color of their skin?
Could it be that heaven is a place like slavery 
and the south where everything is for white folks only?
If he chooses the many faces and races of different places
Will they serve he and white people only,
Or will they all walk hand in hand
On the streets of gold?
Will we be separate but equal
Or will a select few be a part of a 3/5 Compromise? 
Will certain groups not be included
Because of the alien act against foreign nations not European?
Will the many mansions that grace this wondrous world
Be built by slaves or soldiers in the army of the lord?
Tell me,
Will their be a slave quarters
And a masterís house
Where some slaves wish to stay
So they can eat from the scraps of the familyís supper
And not the meals they are served in the fields?
Will the history in the sky
Be unique or anonymous with the life our human race has lived?
Will we be surprised by what we see.
If he says that the script is flipped
And those who were masters here
Must serve there?
Will there be anger, rage, or love
By God's word?
Will you question?
Will you obliged his word?
What if you are under slavery chains,
And Jim Crow Laws
In that beautiful palace in the sky?
What if God has a 14th Amendment that
Does not apply to you?
What if he says 
Your punishment is an eternity of serving those
You disenfranchised?
Will tears fall from your eyes?
Will you rather repeat your life
And try again
To change a script 
You gladly authored?
What if this is the ending in Revelations?

Revelations by Nathan'ette Burdine

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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