by Nathan'ette Burdine

White Americans are
The authors of this script
In this drama of life
Where the raisins in the sun
Are the antagonist because
Of the color of their skin.
Even when they make it through
This rough terrain of life
And gather some strife
All hope is lost when
The reality of this
Stratification system is realized
After a young black man
And black woman are unable to get
A job because of 
An affirmative action
That comes in the form
Of a white woman.  The young black
Men and black women 
Are cast in a counterpublic
Where the white public does not take
Into consideration the young race's 
Standpoint because it has been written
Out of the script.
It seems that the end of this drama
Will close with the extinction
of young black men and black women 
who will soon be placed in a colored museum
To only be displayed so the
white audience and white authors can applaud
Their creation of a young black race
Who died before they understood
The true meaning of a dream.
But when the script is flipped
And some break free,
The white audience and authors scream
In fear that a young black man
And black woman will break free from their
Man made role and begin to 
Think beyond the script.
The script is torn and
The young black man
And black woman
Begin to write
Their own script in
This drama of life
Where they are
Political leaders,
Voices in their community,
And educators who take their
Dreams and turn
Them into a reality.

Drama by Nathan'ette Burdine

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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