Untitled Poem

by 144Play & Brown Sugar

Arrive at the park carrying my picnic basket
Perfect spot
Smoothed out my soft green blanket
Patiently I wait for 144PLAY to arrive
While eating my plum
Never met him in person decide not to trust,
but hide my friends in the
bushes and trees with a gun
Just in case he is crazy

Surveying the meeting place earlier in the day
You know he has to be cautious, he is 144PLAY
Took the time to set up some surveillance
Not wishing to get caught up without a chance
Video show his dilemma hiding in the bushes and trees
Arrived on time for his picnic with
Brown Sugar, oh what a tease
Trying her best to act so innocent
As she bites into her red plum with sexual intent
The waiting game ensues
Abiding by the friendship rules

Watching him stare me down
Him listening to the juicy sounds
As I invitingly devour the plum
While offering him none
With delectable eyes I flash him my smile
In my Mack woman style
Knowing that he's turned on
He stands no chance against the likes of the Brown Sugar
As the waiting game ended when I captured his mood

Is the timing correct?
With her friends around to help protect
Herself from the mystical powers of 144PLAY
Romantic interlude parlayed
As I continue the wait
Thoughts of playing it straight
So as not to seem obscene
To her friends that I have never seen
Look of displeasure upon her face
For this day she will need no mace

Untitled Poem by 144Play & Brown Sugar

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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