Family Reunion

by Brown Sugar

Once a year we gather together for our family reunion. Kinfolk coming from east, west, north and south to the house that John built. This is usually during the second week in august for the revival at Gatewood Station AME Church. But it is not the same as it was when I was a little girl. My grandmother would be singing one of her favorite hymns in her sunny kitchen while preparing breakfast. And those good old homemade biscuits, eggs and cheese, grits and that country ham that granddaddy kept in his smoke house taste "soooo good" that you just wanted to slap yourself!

Granddaddy would be getting ready for sunday school smelling like old spice cologne. After he'd fininshed getting dressed he would look in the mirror at himself and say "I'm so sharp I might cut myself!" When he'd sing "Jesus keep me near the cross," he'd bring the church house down. Yes indeed. He'd have the Gatewood Station members and visitors shoutin' up a storm!

Sometimes during church services the young folks would sneak out to mingle. We'd be trying to get our "groove on" and my grandmother would say, "now honey be careful cause you never know, you might be courtin' your cousin." And you'd be so disappointed when you find out that the guy you liked was your fourth cousin on your granddaddy's side. Now that is a real trip. We have such a huge family in a small town and it seems as though everybody is related.

Yes those were the "good ole days!" But they are still good, because my grandparent's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren always try to make it home for the family reunion. I know that my grandparents must be proud to see us all gathered together to stay connected. Some of us have been through trials and tribulations and that's OK because spirtiually we are family. And as family we are inseparable.

This short story is dedicated to the memory of my beloved grandparents, John and Reather Flowers and to my one living grandparent, my grandmother Ms. Ophelia Rivers who is now 86 years old.

Family Reunion by Brown Sugar

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