I've Fallen In Love With Maxwell

by Brown Sugar

I met you on a Sunday night at Lamont's. A cute little juke joint spot. A place where you can go and listen to live musicians playing and sangin "not singing" but sangin the blues. I mean down home blues. The kind that put goose bumps all over you. The band not only sings the blues. They're into hip hop, reggae and rap. There's laughter and fun and you can hand dance the night a way. The crowd ranges in all ages from 25 to 65. Everyone is down to earth and out to enjoy the evening. This place reminds me of the juke joint in the movie, The Color Purple. The scene where Shug Avery sings and everyone is getting there party on! I was sure some old guy would yell out to "Sweet Mary" girl you look so good that I'll drink your bath water". Sweet Mary is about 60 years old with a body that a young 25 year old woman would die for. I mean Tina Turner don't have nothing on this sister. Even the young brothers step to her for dances.

This is my first time coming to Lamonts and you, my sweet brother stepped to me and asked if I'd like to dance. Of course I smiled and said yes. Not knowing that I would fall in love with you. After all, I just came out with my brother and his lady to have a good time. Not to meet anyone. I love my single life just the way it is. But after dancing fast, and slow and sitting down at a cozy little table in the corner of the room, feeling mellow after a few glasses of wine and conversation, I'm falling, falling in love with you Maxwell. You with your sweet down to earth self. Handsome, medium height and build. Light skinned looking damn near white, but that is ok with me. I am not the type that prefer dark, brown, red or yellow or damn near white. It really doesn't matter to me. Because we are still black, no matter what complexion the skin were in. What matters is how nice you treat and respect me.

John Maxwell, I truly have to say that you treat and respect me very well. I've met so many brothers that are phony. A lot of them like to play head games that you just don't expect to run into someone that is cool and laid back, sweet and kind as you are. You are truly a decent 40 year old man. I am sorry about your divorce. But I am glad that I met you. I feel as if this is a dream, and I don't want to wake up. The ladies in the room became green with envy when you bought me a bouquet of roses. And I love feeling so special! I know in my heart that you are definitely real. Not only has this night been sweet, but every day and night that we've shared has been sweet. Damn, I'm falling inlove with you Maxwell. I don't know how long this will last so I am enjoying you to the fullest. You'll always be a beautiful friend, even if this relationship ends. Because you're just that type of man.

So ladies, there are good, decent and honest brothers out there. You may find him when you're not looking, just as I found Maxwell.

I've Fallen In Love With Maxwell by Brown Sugar

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