Frustrations of a Female Writer

by Brown-Eyed Girl

I just wanna be heard
And not taken light
I wanna think all day
Postulate all night
I wanna think theories
And series of prose
Hypothesize equations
Like the redness of a rose
I don't have to know
The reasons why or how-to
Not what happens to a dream deferred
Nor why the sky is blue
I just wanna write
About the maybes and mights
And the could-bes and could-have-beens
And the beginnings and ends
I just wanna take my pencil in hand
And set my mind free
Apart from this land
Of "you can'ts" and "you shouldn'ts"
Or "you won'ts" and "you couldn'ts"
I guess I don't clearly understand
What makes me inadequate
Next to this man
What makes his works validated?
And mine underappreciated?
We use the same words and
My English is perfect
But they call his works features
And mine are just worthless
As if having breasts
Makes me less of a person
I have learned I'm expected
To keep my mouth shut
And to do as directed
No ifs, ands, or buts
A nice young lady crosses her legs
And talks like a lady
And nods and obeys
But it's the new millennium
And so they say
"Women are as free as anyone"
But let's not play
Men can play sports
As much as they like
But if I want to do that
They call me a "dyke"
And a MAN can have
Twenty different women
And they'll shake his hand
And they'll call him "pimpin'"
But a woman who does
The same thing to men
They'll call her a "ho"
And they won't be her friend
Men can dress saggy and baggy and
Comfortable all day
But if my clothes aren't clinging
Then I get called "gay"
And I'm supposed to be
Like a Barbie doll or toy
Well lemme set the record straight
Man- oops, I meant BOY
See women
We have different sizes and different shapes
And we also have brains
Make no mistakes
And your woman can play
Načve if she wants to
But if I got something
On my mind
I'ma tell you
I'm not going to stand for
Your egotistical bullshit
I'm not trying to be rude
Just make you understand it
When this woman writes something
It's not for your omission
And when she says something
She expects you to listen
Huh? You don't like that?
Well- here goes my ass_
You'd better start kissin'

Frustrations of a Female Writer by Brown-Eyed Girl

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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