I Arise

by Darrell Brevard

I prayed to you 
In my time of need
I beg for your forgiveness
When my heart started to greed
Down in the valley
I lay
I was deep in the dirt
When my soul strayed
The days I battled
To find the good inside me
The days I begged you
To set my soul free
The deep thoughts I had
About my cruel life and mind
I didn't see evil coming
I was too deaf and blind
The wrong I did
Is a mark upon my soul
Those dreadful days
I let evil take control
Thoughts in my mind
As I try to figure them out
I bow down to you
To find what I am about
You made away for me 
A path leading to the righteous way
I saw the road 
But I took the easy way
You never left me
When others were up and gone
I tried to face my pain
But I did it all alone
You and I as a team
You help me control my anger
Destroyed my evil dreams
The wars I fought alone
My seeking your protection
With your grace
I am heading in the right direction
I arose from the world
I arise from the darkness
I arised from the pain
I arise on to you
To become a better man
This day I destroy my demons
Came back to your plan

I Arise by Darrell Brevard

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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