All My Love

by Darrell Brevard

Mellisa answered the phone hoping that it was Kenny telling her that he was on his way over. She was sitting in bed with tears in her eyes wondering why he had stood her up. Mellisa waited to hear Kenny’s voice, but before he could get out a word, Mellisa shouted, ”I can’t go through this any more. I’m tired of being hurt, tired of wanting you and you not being there.”

“I wanted to alone” replied Kenny. Mellisa hesitated and asked “alone for what”. Kenny slowly let out what he had been fighting inside for months. It had been eating at his heart and mind. “I love you with all my heart. I have never loved a lady like I love you. You are my day, my night, my sun, and my moon. There are times when I am talking to you as if you are in the room, but I look up and you’re not there. I reach out to grab you, but when I open my eyes and you are not there.” So why did you” Mellisa asked Before being interrupted. “There are days when I wake up from a dream, a dream about being separated from you, but I don’t have any way to reach you. The more I try to reach you, the more things happen to keep us apart. The same dream every night. Last night, I dreamed that I was on break from college. I kept trying to call you. I would try to dial the number, but I could not get the last number to go through. I tried and tried but I could not get it right. Finally I woke up, thinking I had lost you forever. I had to pick up the phone and called you just to hear your voice and prove to myself, it was only a dream. Sometimes I am afraid to close my eyes, because if I wake up you want be there.”

Mellisa sobbing heavily, “you know I will never leave you.” Kenny turned away from the phone as his heart pounds heavily with the fear of loving someone so much. He was afraid she would walk away like the lovers in his past.

Kenny reached back from his heart and tells Mellisa, “ when I met you may world was astray, but you changed all that. Before, I was in a world in which I was afraid to love, but you came into my world and showed me a better day. You showed me I could love and be loved. But, I don’t know how to love, I try but I end up failing.

Mellisa replied “in my eyes you never fail, it is all apart of being loved and loving someone. I don’t see any failure. I see you trying your best when things get rough or when things are going smooth. I see a relationship that is getting stronger, because every time we fail, we learn from our mistakes and try hard not to repeat them. When we are together, my world and minds are united as one. I see your smile, hear your voice and I can’t walk, can’t think, and can’t eat. The things you do and the way you love me brings meaning to my to my soul.”

Kenny is puzzled and asks “but why do you pull away? Every time I think we are reaching the same page, you turn and close the book.” “You know I have been hurt in the past” replied Mellisa. Kenny replied “ that is in the past. I try to bring joy to your life. This is a new world to me. I know I am going to fail but.” Mellisa interrupted,” it’s not about failing, it about understanding. Understanding that when I want to be alone, it does not mean I don’t want you around. Understanding that I can’t give you my all until I am ready.

Kenny begins to get frustrated and replies, “so what do you want me to do”? Mellisa answered sharply “ now that is what I am talking about. Things don’t go your way and the first thing you say.” “But” replied Kenny.

Mellisa answered “ either you gonna be with me or leave me alone”. “I have to go to work” replied Kenny. Mellisa replies “ one day you gonna have to stop running.” Kenny realized that he couldn’t lose Mellisa. He had been sitting outside of her house talking to her on his cellular phone.

Kenny reaches inside is jacket pocket and pulls out a ring. He wanted to take the final step and ask Mellisa to be his wife. Kenny was afraid of his feelings for Mellisa , but tonight that fear has disappeared. Kenny knocks on the door and Mellisa appears. He could see the tears in her eyes. Kenny places the ring on Melissa’s finger and replies the words Mellisa has waited so long to hear “I tired of running.” “Marry me”

All My Love by Darrell Brevard

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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