A Child

by Darrell Brevard

A child

Starring at the moon

Praying that the end of his world

Will come soon

He lives in the world

A world of despair

A world full of hate

A world in which no one cares

How is he going

To live his life

Without carrying a gun

Or even a knife

The lives he sees

Taken away

Never to come back

Never to see another day

What hurt him most

Bringing tears to his young eyes

The sound of hearing

His dying mother's cries

She died knowing

The pain in her heart

Caused by a stray bullet

That tore her life apart

Taking away

The man in her life

The man that placed a ring on her finger

To be his dedicated wife

No man left

Only a child

Trying everyday

To make his mother smile

The love we take for granted

We must cherish

For any day

That love can perish

Until he dies

The child will never know why

But he will always remember

His dying mother cries.

A child dying

Of pains of being alone

A stray bullet

And now his mother is gone

Living in a life

A life of despair

He keeps crying

But no one cares

Living in a world

Of hate and greed

Not knowing how

To nuture God's seed

His heart is pounding

His mouth trying to talk

To tell of his pain

Legs trying to walk

People past by

And try to ignore

They hear his cries

But refuse to open the door

The dying mother withone last breath

Clings to her baby

Hoping to save him from death

Suddenly an angel


Guiding other to the child

Before his life dissappears

Those who stood by

In trials and tribulation

Those who stood by

Without hesitation

Those who stood by

Hearing mother's cry

Those who stood by

Seeing babies dye

Those who turn away

When they saw others hated

Those who turn away

Those who could have stopped what hate created

They never spoke up

When they knew it was wrong

They kept turning away

As time moved alone

More killing, lynching, and bombs

A race , a symbol of the direspected

They failed to realize

We were a race god protected

Marks upon their souls

God will remember thee

On judgement day

Heaven they will never see

God granted us all

To be free

He never created you

To be superior to me

He created us all

To love each other

Created us

As biological sister and brothers

What the flag represent

They will forever debated

They will never own up to

The hate it created

They march under a flag

A symbol of oppression

They march under a flag

Of hateful men aggression

Southern heritage

We will never forget and hear

Every a new south is rising

Every day the old south disappears

The south will rise again

Under a flag of different races

Under one love

Under smiling faces

To be apart

Don't stand by

Remember those days

Of hearing a dying mother's cry

Dying at the hand of hate

Dying at the mess

That the flag has create

A Child by Darrell Brevard

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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