Life Without My Mother

by Erica Braxton-Harris

Life without my mother is often sad,
The circumstance that took her life often makes me mad.
The life we take for granted from day to day,
Was taken from her in a horrible way.
One gunshot wound to the head, and one to the chest,
He set the house on fire, but what he did next was best.
He pulled the trigger that took his own life,
Here next to him dead my mother his wife.
All the years of his emotional, mental, and physical abuse,
But yet and still she held on tried to make it work what's the use.
All the years I wanted her to leave
But in him she wanted to believe.
As if I had not suffered enough
His ignorant family blaming me was really rough.
How could they open their mouths to tell such a lie,
What's worse is I would have been in jail but I had an alibi.
Not my best friend not my mother,
I cherished and loved her like no other.
I called her everyday for no reason,
I can truly say the winter of 1995 was a rough season.
I should have been happy for what came next,
Finding out I was pregnant.
Knowing my mother would never see my son or my daughter,
The day would come when I would tell them all about her.
On Mother's Day, her birthday, or any other holiday,
I sit around in dismay.
I never got the chance to say goodbye,
She's gone from this cruel world but not my life.
She's constantly on my mind,
I talk to her all the time.
Life without my mother is often sad,
Knowing she is with our heavenly father makes me glad.

Life Without My Mother by Erica Braxton-Harris

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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