Neila (Blueprint to a New World Order)

by Brandon Roy

Through galaxies and words that have yet to be
I inject minds through my words telepathically
Tapping your shoulder from the other side
Making you look within
To find only hollowed out emotions
We pour on pages ink from the ocean within
I see nothing but pain in the words speaking tongues in my mind
Voices in diverse languages terrify me
They’re not my voices but those of a third kind
Speaking to me from other dimensions
God himself planned my innovation
Carried out by his bloody angels
Dipped in gold frankincense and powder donuts
Mumbled words are fed to us daily playing with my conception

From birth till now

Now is the time to look behind the eye and think
About what comes from in
Sided with me with a sword that cuts deep
I was pulled away from my truths
My thoughts
My being

From outer space musing laced with ideas that have already come to be

Stop for a minute a my front café let me tell you about the hooloovoo
That super intelligent shade of the color blue 
that has canvassed me into a false sense of being
Even my rose color glasses saw nothing 
but dark purple when I tried to find myself
Craftsmanship has blended concoctions of brew dry taken nose wise
Leaving you breathless
Be easy about what comes from the word within
Planets were set in motion with less
That whispers from god’s lips set movement to every one with
A word that we can’t think up make up worked up about life in general
Damned pride has lead me to diagnosis the world’s prose
With a single word I float above my plain of existence
Stringing together the planets to form necklaces
I have more moons then you
God in my own universe
My domain
Crazy schemes to get things done
I am an angel pleading for a different emotional trip
Bargained with the Devil for a new plan
You’re bound to lose your footing
Eyes caught on new formations
Sad thing it is
Distracting totally
Countdown to apocalypse
With Caribbean beats in the foreground
I mock your points
Carefully designed euphoria
You are prayed for
I reach more people in this configuration
Edited your states
Incredible irony
I challenge your knowledge
Don’t dare to understand me resize analyze or make savvy sways
watch this show
and I’m out of range and my station is fuzzy
The subtle noises in space in no way surprise me
Sacrificed on no altar to make points
Hold my integrity in the palm of my hand
I wear a crown of Viridian and pink roses
3D gold glitter covered skin dusk falls
I spit stardust at the darkness
Painted in flesh I add onto your world’s décor with a word
Relate silver colored grass
Red dirt
Cream skies to die for
Trend setting popular shading is my medium 
to darken your optimistic views that you find so inviting
Open up I have right clicked your brain 
and reset your properties deepened your viewing abilities
This is my tutorial for a new world order
Ceramic bells ring in rejoicing
Toned down earth you do not need money to live in its alcoves
Provoke me tell me your confessions and you will be my evening companion 
in this new setting simpatico color breeds harmony
plan to see a light
I make ribbons around your outer sphere
I have waged war on your intergalactic thoughts 
making you rethink your strategy
you seeing your arsenal come 
and fall short against the expressions
Do not fight this
Do not understand this
Live this

Neila (Blueprint to a New World Order) by Brandon Roy

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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