I Fell For That Man

by Erica Romaine Bowles

Itís not the first time I've told this story
Nor would it be the last
This one is pretty short
So I shall tell it fast
There once was this guy
In which I had to dismiss
For certain reasons I could not per miss
He was beautiful, but frail in my eyes
All of sudden he caught someone else's eyes
I hid behind the darkness and erased the evil spell
I took up another adventure no one could tell
That I am a weak felt person and all falls at end
At that time I just wanted a guy as my friend
Someone I could call on, someone I could hold
But in other words that began to unfold 
So I took back the opportunity that I gave up before
That man wanted me for so long and even more
He pushed her to the side and gave into my ring
I had finally caught him, now he was my new fling
But something happen way too fast
It was the unexpected and it wouldn't last
He had feelings for two other chicks
But now I'm aching in anticipation feeling sick
A cloud of drought has just passed me by
I gave him my secret and now I have let it fly
Because I can not have this man the way I want him
Only time can tell before he passes judgments on them
He will realize that I will not be in my corner anymore
Very soon he will come knocking at my door
Wanting me to hold his hand and kiss his lips
In my mind, I still want him to hold my hips
Against his waist as he lays upon my bed
But that is just a moment in which I have had
It is not certain of what may come about
Only time can heal my unwanted doubts
I'm going to miss him with much of my sole
Even though it was only for a second the story finally unfolds

I Fell For That Man by Erica Romaine Bowles

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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