One Day

by Nate Booker

One day when your father痴 gone
You値l wish that you had said,
的 love you more than words can say,
I知 glad to call you 船ad樗.

One day when your father痴 gone,
The floodgates will open wide
And you値l long for the time you spent with him,
You値l wish that you had tried.

A day will come when you値l regret
The pain you made him feel
You値l wish you had heeded, the advice that you needed,
That life is Cold and Real.

Someday you値l remember how you broke his heart
You値l remember the tears he cried.
You値l wish you壇 just told him, you値l long just to hold him,
You値l wish you had swallowed your pride.

You値l wish you壇 let YOUR children
Experience his loving embrace
But instead you値l only have memories to share
And the words you can稚 erase

You値l recall he said people may come and go
And relationships fade and end
And you値l regret how badly you treated him
Your father, your daddy and friend.

He pleaded with you and begged you
To just show him love and respect
To listen to the wisdom he tried to impart
That you壇 foolishly ignore and regret

Perhaps one day before it痴 too late
When your daddy has faded away
You値l do what痴 right, you値l hug him so tight
And tell him the things he wished you壇 say.

Dow wait 奏il your father痴 hair has turned white
And his sight has started to dim,
When he can稚 seem to remember, the moments so tender,
When the only man in your life, was him.

Some things come once in a lifetime
And your father痴 one of them
So don稚 squander the chance when you get to say,
That all your life it痴 ALWAYS been him

Who loved you first and taught you
That a real man should be gentle and kind
He MUST show you respect and adore you
And before you surrender to him your body,
He MUST love and treasure your mind.

So to every 船addy痴 girl, you daughters
Before the day comes when you値l say, 的 had
Tell your father how much he means to you,
Tell him, 的知 so blessed that you池e My Dad

Author's note: 

I went through something with my now grown daughter a few years ago. 
She had her first love and they had a child together and 
she didn't like the advice i gave her, "Do not rely on him to take care of you 
and your daughter (my new and only grandchild) because in this day and age, 
"men" don't stay.  Always make sure you can provide for you and her 
whether he's in the picture or not."  Of course she at 18 was wiser 
than me at 44 so she stopped speaking to me.  
I got sick and thought I had cancer and I pleaded with her not to shut me out.  
Daddies will always look out for their daughters.

This poem was the product of those turbulent emotions.  
To all you Daddy's Girls... hug your Dad while you still have him.  
Time has a funny way of running out leaving the things we wanted to say left... unsaid.

One Day by Nate Booker

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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