My Black Angel

by BlackSoulWriter

As tears hit the ground,
and the fears are making it's round
You're there. My black angel.
At every new obstacle faced.
You're there to help me over come.
My black angel.
With every denies made,
You're there to see me to reality.
My black angel.
See me, a worn out human, filled with sin,
while holding this pen
And see you, my king, my queen of my heart,
Prefect, while sitting next to the one who created you.
At every step made,
I try to imitate you.
But not caring if I'm fake,
for I no longer can see my fate.
With every life lesson you brought to me through your mistakes,
You showed me what's right and wrong.
My black angel.
My black angel, my black angel, oh my black angel!
For you gave me new life,
to a to begin a life no longer with pain nor rain,
But happiness and that new life,
gave me reason to live another season.
In each plea which seems out of reach,
You're there to keep me in touch.
My black angel.
So as I pray with hopes that you'll stay another day,
A call from the heaven rings out.
But before your departure you reminded me of who I am, and
Where I come from.
For now the truth is known through this poem,
My black angel, My Sister

My Black Angel by BlackSoulWriter

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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