The Prize Between My Thighs

by Blackpearl

Abused, misused, treated like a common garden tool
I am sick of playing the fool just because I like you
I have needs too, why do I have to act calm and cool
When what I would rather do is make pure love to you
Why must I put on a show, like I don't want it as bad as you
Don't  you know I'm human too?

The world says I have to front and act coy
Are you a man or a boy?
Why must I pretend like I don't like you like I do
Like I don't have needs too?

What just because I am a woman 
I am forced to send mixed signals
To all the negroes
Or they won't want me no mo?
I know that sex without marriage is
Sex without love
What makes you a man and me a slut
Because I like to fuck
Double standards are full of shit
When I think I'm your woman
You only think I'm a decent hit
If I go down on you because I like to make you feel good
Why does your mind go to thinking
And labeling me no good?

So what you are saying is you like the mixed messages 
That they send
You like to beg for sex again and again
You want me to play those childish games
Of making you wait until I say
Whether it be a month, year, or a day
You don't' want me to keep it real
And tell you how I feel
And show you the depths of my sex appeal?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a tramp
Not a slut or a whore for that matter either
I am a human being that needs affection too
Why is ti wrong for me to want IT as much as you?
Who made up these rules anyhow?
Why do I have to make him wait
for so long when we both want it now?
Why do they lose interest so quick?
Just because I was in the mood for a little dick
I am tired of the games but I am learning the rules
This is the shit they never teach you at home or in school
I am learning to act coy and shy 
When in my heart I know I lie
I am learning the rules, although I admit a bit late
I am just learning how to play the game
by their rules at the age of 28
It took me so long to get here and a whole lot of tears
To realize  that I had the game fucked up
These niggas don't give a fuck, they only want to fuck
Now why didn't somebody tell me what's up
Doesn't matter anyway, 
I wouldn't have believed what they had to say
Had to find out on my own
Now that  I am alone
I can look back and see what I did wrong
How I played the game with my heart
But gave up my body, so that's a false start
My mind was intact, just blinded by the facts.
I am just now starting to realize
That not every man is worthy of my prize
They even resort to telling lies
To have one night of passion between these thighs
I must learn to shew them away like flies
Until they realize that what's between my thighs
Is only a consulation prize
The real prize is the secrets kept only in my eyes.

The Prize Between My Thighs by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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