Keep Right On Steppin'

by Blackpearl

I feel as though my world is falling apart at the seams
But I know the devil is crafty
and there is more to reality than what we see
Brothas killing brothas
Sistahs fighting too
All over some tired ass nigga
Girls, I thought ya'll knew
That this ain't nothing new
All the drama we go through
Over these men or shall I say boys
They play with our love, hearts, bodies, and minds
As if they were toys
They don't see the love we long to have
They don't see that we can be the salve 
That heals the  places they have been
Wounded, shot, or stabbed in the back by life
How is it we can fuck for 6 years,
and I can't even become your wife?
Why do you treat me as if I am not a human being
Why do you resort to that convo we had about no strings
Being attached, must have gotten a bad batch
When my feelings start to intervene
Am I not human too, just like you
Or are you a heartless machine
Understand me as a woman first
The way my hips, tits, and ass 
Make you thirst
See there is no sex
Without connection to me
Or I to you
Wish I could cut my feelings off, just like you
But what good would that do? 
When will you understand
That anything that goes in me 
Has to have a connection
Sex should be more than just your erection
An expression of love is what I seek
A connection of mind first
Soul second
And body third
Haven't you ever heard
That you need a woman to be complete
That was the reason for Adam's sleep
When God removed a rib from his side
And presented to Adam his bride
And now you want me to greet you with legs open wide!
We had an agreement, so I can't say you lied 
To me after you went astray
Had me now you're on your way
To the next bed, to the next lonely heart
That will give your head a place to lay
And once again she will look at you with love in her eyes
And you will hear again what you've already been told
That one day you too, will need someone to hold
And once again, you will hit the road
Because you can't let anyone in
You think of love as a sin, sex as a weapon
Well if that's all you have in mind, 
You can keep right on steppin'

Keep Right On Steppin' by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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