My Purpose Is In My Journey

by Blackpearl

Today I am on my way to my Purpose
There I will discover  the capacity in which I am to serve
But I must be mindful of every detail of my journey
Because clues are hidden along the way

I must take note of all my slips and falls
My bruised knees, cuts and scrapes
The lessons I learned and the traps I escaped

I must be wary of the wolves in sheep's clothing
Not to judge people by my perceptions of self
Be patient, be kind - not to think myself wise
That is when we are most blind

I have to realize that discovery is in the journey itself
Not the destination I seek
I must let go of anger and rage
These hold me captive and hinder my walk
As if in a cage

I have to get over what others have done 
And what I have done to others
Learn to forgive them and me
So I can really be free

Most of all, I have to learn to love myself 
Like how I was made and who I am
Embrace she who looks back at me
For she is my only companion 
Forget discouraging words and leave them behind
Loose the grip they've had on my heart and my mind

I have a long way to go on this trip that I'm on
I have to place more value on remaining humble
Not worry so much about being fearless and strong

For it is when we are at our weakest times
That He is able to use us to further His glory
By renewing our minds,
He uses our bodies as His vessels,
To accomplish whatever He might will
Yet, He protects us from harm,
And the darts of the enemy will miss us

I must remember that when things go wrong
That I will thank God just the same
I won't throw a tantrum like a child
And I won't look for someone to blame
But I will continue to praise His name
For all the sunshine and each drop of rain

It is after the storm that we can truly enjoy the beauty of life
How can we relish the day, if there were never night?
How could we truly appreciate God's gifts
If we had not known tribulation to compare it with?

How could we recognize our soul mate, and lover for life
If our hearts had never been broken?
How could we know what real love feels like
If we had not cried over its lost some nights?
How could we identify with Christ's struggle of the flesh
If we weren't responsible to bear a cross ourselves?

These are the questions I have to ask myself
Or I will forget what purpose I serve
To glorify Him that lives in me
To find the purpose He spoke into me
When He brought me from eternity
Into this time on Earth	Amen.

My Purpose Is In My Journey by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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