Prince of the Streets

by Blackpearl

Face - dark and round
Kinda like a burgundy brown
Eyes that resemble the wise
The knower of truth but a witness to lies
In the company of thieves, pushers, and fiends
But somehow you still manage to gleam
Spitting game, like a kettle spilling steam
The pain in your eyes has made you strong enough to weather any storm
How do you deal with the pain, how do you carry on?
How do you smile with a smile as bright as the sun
A laugh that affects almost everyone
To see you smile is like looking at the sun with no glasses on
Way too bright for this world in which we live
If this world were mine, it's treasures to you I would give
Just to ease the pain of which you never speak
I don't know what you been through
But yet it's obvious to me
You are so real it would seem to be a dream
All day long hustling, chasing after that cream
But at night, when there is no more money to be made
Of what do you dream
When you were a boy, what games was it you played?
Dimples so deep, they add to your mystery
They wink back at me even when you speak
An angel must have kissed you on both of your cheeks
Making big dents for dimples that add a charm to your face
An angelic quality - in this earth you seem out of place
"Just out in the world", you say to me everyday
If I had my chance, I would take you away
But even if I took you to a tropical island
There you could never stay
You have to seek out your own destiny
In your  own way
God is watching over you
He knows all that you have been through
He sees your secret tears
And has shed tears Himself for you
He knows your heart is good
He knows why your life has orchestrated
Just the way He made it
He didn't cause your life to be hard
To discourage or destroy you
He knew that you could handle the burden
Which is why He put big shoulders on you
Sweet, sweet prince of the Streets
I don't know what you been through
But yet it's obvious to me

Prince of the Streets by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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