Night Dance

by Blackpearl

I am on the balcony thinking on this night that's warm and misty
As I gaze at the bright stars above
My lover sneaks up behind and kisses me
His tongue is warm
It darts to and fro
His hands caress my every curve
Making my moisture grow
He begins to nibble on my neck and slides down to my clavicle bone
He gently licks my shoulders and tastes gently of my earlobes
His hands are now around my waist, sliding up and down my back
Our breaths are ragged, our vision blurred, my senses are under attack
I feel as though I am floating, although I know I am standing up
He is taking me to his ecstacy just when I'd thought I'd had enough
He stands now in the back of me, our bodies slightly pressed
His jagged breath warms my valley as he slips his head beneath my dress
Sucking, licking, eating away at the core of my being
Although my eyes are open wide it is stars, comets,
and colors that they are seeing
I am now positioned directly over his face
I straddle him, with my legs over his shoulders as if this is my rightful place
I ride him as I would a wild, black, bucking stallion
I ride in shear lust and ecstacy and with no abandon
He picks me up and carries me into the house
After all of me he has savored
He stretches me on the bed
But it's my turn to return the favor

I have him just where I want him
as he stands above me black, beautiful, and strong
I take my position on my knees, at the feet of my king - just where I belong
I begin to worship him mind, body, and soul
My hands glide slowly up from his ankles to his calves, up his thighs
Until I finally reach his pole
I spread his legs just a little 
As I begin to nibble
The meat between his upper thighs
I feel his body tremble at my touch
and he can no longer stifle his cries
I work my way up to his jewels
that hold the fruit of our proud black race
They are sculpted to perfection, hang like ripe fruit on a tree
I can't wait to take my taste
I can not nibble on these jewels, I must gobble them all at once
From his reaction, the violent shaking of his limbs -
I know this is what my King wants
I proceed to head towards his maleness which calls me from in between
It is a beautiful wonder for my eyes only to be seen
I begin to taste of him while worshiping on my knees
His eyes gaze down upon me while I pay homage to my King
He strokes my face, runs his fingers through my hair
It appears at me he stares
I look closer in his gaze and only love and respect are there
There is no snear, no disrespect, no look to cause me shame
Because he knows I am his queen and our love is both the same
Without saying a single word it's time for me to pause
He wants all of me know and I know this just because
He wants to journey to my core
Climb in the confines of my walls where he is safe from harm
He longs to be a child again in the womb similar to that which he came from
But this time he makes an entry not an exit
He slides slowly into my warm walls, my house that passion built
We grind out our rhythm and only pure love can be felt
Our bodies speak a language that we each can understand
And it is at this very moment, I give thanks to the Creator for this man
I know that he is my king, and I am his rib
that was taken from him during his slumber
When God created woman
The way our bodies fit is like a puzzle that has been solved
This is not just physical -
we are spiritually, mentally, and physically involved
Fully engaged like a 4 alarm fire
Each cry for me and moan from me takes us up a little higher
We reach our climatic ending, with our bodies shaking fiercely
Holding on to one another as tightly as we can
After our climax reach their highest peak
I look at him, he looks at me
And there's no need to speak
I am grateful for this King I have
And he is grateful for his Queen

Night Dance by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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