Lord I'm Waiting On You

by Blackpearl

I did it!
I made the move
Quit my job
Left family behind
Made that big country break
All I  can do now is hope I haven't made a mistake
Leaving everything and everyone I have ever known
Now, I'm here
And things aren't going like I planned for them too
And I didn't anticipate spending so much of my time alone
My mom is here, my friends at home always say
But Mom's gots her a man now, and I don't want to be in the way
But whose going to help me raise the two kids that I have to raise?
I don't  have any help from their fathers, 
not even the child support they are supposed to pay.
I am not being ungrateful
I know God brought me here
Has provided for me, and made things better then they were
But being under all this stress is making me so hateful
It would seem that I don't have a life
I am trying to believe that this time alone 
Is preparing me to become some man's wife
It seems to me that God has delivered everything that I thought I wanted
AT home, I had to live with family
But now I have my own apartment
It would seem that He has provided me with everything that I need
But He forgot one simple deed,
He forgot to give me someone to love
And someone that would love me
I go about my day 
Through the normal highs and lows
But how my heart longs for love
How much, God only knows!
I long to share my day
With someone that will hold me
And tell me not to worry
And that things will be ok
I long to have a strong shoulder in the night
To bear my troubles as well as my joys
Or just to hold me tight
I long to have the understanding, the connection
That only a man and woman could have
I long to have a father figure for my kids
Not someone to replace their dad.
I long to have someone
To kiss me on my neck
I long to have passionate nights
Even while I'm at work, I can't forget
I long to have someone, whom I know will always call
I don't like this lonely shit, being in a new town at all
My friends all seem so far away
My family seems in another galaxy
And when I speak to my Grandmother - 
I only pray she can't tell that I'm unhappy
I keep telling myself to be patient, 
That love will find me one day soon
But when I am awake at night
It's only my breathing I hear in the room
When I am upset, there's no one to calm me down
When my mind is going at a millions miles a minute
There's no one to slow me down
When I am cooking a meal
There's no one around to come up 
And cop a feel
When my son wants to play football or basketball
There's no one to show him how
Oh Lord, I'm crying now
I don't know how long
I can handle thing on my own
But I will if you promise to keep me strong
And not let my sleepless nights last for too long
I promise that I will carry my load
Do what needs to be done
And try to do what I am told
I will put on a smile
Try not complain
Or act like a spoiled child
But Lord don't forget about my request
God you know I'm trying my best
But you gotta send me the one for me
Or I will go insane
And when I reach the end of my rope
I will always call your name
But don't forget that all this love you placed in me
Needs to be let out
I don't have to break it down
Cuz you know what I'm talking about
Ok Lord, I'll let you go
Cuz I know you've got things to do
But please don't forget what we talked about
Cuz Lord, I'm waiting on you.

Lord I'm Waiting On You by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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