by Blackpearl

An old friend contacted me today
Just getting his email really made my day
It made me think of all the time we spent
He'll never understand how much he meant
Is it possible for someone to be your soul mate
Even though, you came into their lives just a little too late
Is it possible for someone to reach so deep into your heart
To take it out of your chest and examine each intricate part
Is it possible for someone to know you so well
And you find that you still love them  in spite of yourself
And even after all this time, my heart won't stop mourning
But I know that God has even more in store for me
But he was such a good friend to me
In my darkest hour
He stood by me
Told me the truth
Made me open my eyes
He even made me cry sometimes
God knew what I wanted, he knew what I needed 
So long ago
So He blessed me with the gift that is Ricco
Am I making a  fuss over nothing at all
But how am I supposed to feel about the person
Who held me up when I wanted to fall?
After such a long time being out of my life
He emails me out of the blue 
With good news about he and his wife
They are expecting another child
I am want to cry but all I can do is smile
Even through the computer screen, he knows me so well
He asks if I am ok, am I taking care of myself
Asks how are my family and my kids
But all I can do is think about all the things we did
It was not a sexual relationship
But it was much much more than that
He touched a hidden part of me
And in turn I began to haunt him he said
That even while sleeping in the same bed
That he still was unable to get me out of his head
He told me that he thought I was his soul mate
But our paths crossed in this lifetime a little too late
"maybe next life time" I typed on my screen
And there was a hush between us
Because we both knew our chance had past
Now we must live our lives as the dye had been cast
We must forever live our lives apart from the other
When we both know that we love one another
That our souls recognize each other
But I am not a woman to break up a happy or an unhappy home
I would rather live with the heartbreak 
Then to cause him to roam
Where home is where he belongs
But I cry inside when I hear our song
He is witty, compassionate, strong, loyal, and smart
But I am glad that I lead with my head
And ignored my heart

Longing by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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