Ladies Raising Babies

by Blackpearl

To you ladies out there raising kids alone
And still no respect is shown
And you are still labeled and talked about
Don't doubt that God knows your pain
And has blessing in store for only you
Don't let the pain consume you
Just continue to do what you do
Take the time to better yourself
Celebrate your achievements
And learn from your mistakes
I KNOW how your heart aches
When you see a family
You sigh and wonder why
It couldn't happen to you
But believe me girl
Hang on in there and don't give up hope
I know it feels like you will always be alone
Just ask the Lord to let your path be shone
So that you too can achieve what He has for you
The Bible says that if you seek the Kingdom first
All good things will be added to you on this earth
Take heart and don't grow weary
God is on your side
He count's each tear you have cried
And has blessings in store for those that don't lose heart
Those that stay in the race even when they got off to a bad start
Be patient, but above all remain a lady
Men that don't take care of their kids
Or disrespect their kids mothers are shady
And sadly will have to ask your forgiveness one day
And that's not the only price they will pay
Just give your kids the best life that you can
And one day God will bless you with the right man
But you have an obligation to yourself and your kid
Get over the bad things he did and give it to the Lord
Put down your weapons and let Him fight for you.


Ladies Raising Babies by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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