by Blackpearl

Always the homegirl or homie
Never the girlfriend or wife to be
Don't they think that frustrates me
Or do they even take the time to consider
these feelings of mine
Do they ever think I have feelings too
Why would they say such an insensitive thing
like I am one of the guys
Why when I ask what's wrong with me,
they begin by telling lies?
Saying there is nothing wrong with me
and any guy would be happy to have me
But never the man of my choice,
do they hear the hurt in my voice 
When they sit in my presence and deny my femininity
Tear me down with their stereotypes of perfection
Am I only good when they have an erection?
Why is society trying to kill me
The true black woman,
that has strength, knowledge, and grace
Why do they begin the judging at my face
The width of my waist
Why can't they see the beauty
that God instilled inside of me
Stop looking on the outside
When will somebody open their eyes wide 
And take a good look and try
to figure out the mystery that is me
No one has ever took the time to get to this heart of mine
Some have slipped their way in, only to find out
They want to get out again
What is it that is in me that causes them to run a way

No I don't look like a video hoe
Why do I continue to doubt myself 
When it's them that has their priorities messed up
All I can do until he comes 
Is believe in myself, and my Lord 
That I deserve someone.

Homegirl by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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