Where Your Head Is…

by Blackpearl

Do you know who I am
Do you recognize what I will become
The path the Creator has set before me
Do you recognize the fire in my eyes
Or when I reach my destination
Will you too be surprised

Do you know the warmth of my touch
Realize that I encompass all the healing you need
It's all in me

Do you listen attentively to my dreams with an encouraging ear
Or do you try to suffocate me, and devalue me
Cause of your own insecurities and fears

Am I too much woman for you 
Do you encourage and protect 
Or do you talk down to me and show me neglect
Do you take this love for granted
Do you nurture the negative or positive seed in my spirit
that have been planted
When compared to your other relationships
Do I stand out and cause a smile to appear on your face
Or do I  cause you to frown and look to other women for solace
Why when I gaze deep into your eyes
They begin to dart to and fro
There's nothing to be frightened of you know

Do you shield your eyes, cause you are blinded by the light in my soul
Or do you bask in my warmth and lavish in my glow
Do you rob yourself of these pleasures, cause a homie said so?

Does my touch speak healing to your heart
When I kiss the tears that mar your soul
Do you relax in my embrace
Or fight for control?

Can you imagine the depths of my character, my love, my aura
If the connection is made, will you call me tomorrow
I'm not talking about a physical connection
I am speaking of a meeting of spirits, hearts,
and a meeting of our minds
Open up this love and inside you will find
A woman who wants to love you to your bone marrow
Knowing all of this, will you even call me tomorrow

Do my depths remind you of the ocean and all of its wonder
Too deep for swimming, my love threatens to pull you under
Away from the surface that you see, the façade
One look into my eyes and into my soul will let you know
I'm not the average broad
That you have grown accustomed to
Don't you long for a change - something new
Instead of a size 8, a woman you can hold on to
Do you fight the waves of my love when your world starts to spin
I can see in your eyes how badly you want to let me in
But something stops you everytime,
just as you are about to give me what is already mine

Do you run for the shores of your own insecurities 
Instead of basking in tranquility 

Are you blind like those that can't meet my eyes on the streets?
Continually passing over me
For those less conscious than I
Do you rely on pharmaceuticals and other distractions to get your high
Or do you ascend to the heavens caught up in my rapture
Do you long to be one with my soul?
Or you look into my eyes and wonder what secrets they hold
Or do the superficial things of this world 
Have your psyche on hold
Will you allow yourself to relax in my presence
Knowing the gift is to just be in my essence
A gift from God above
Who gave me the keys to heavenly love

I guess….

You are no more insightful than the nameless others
That have refused my love, used my love, and defaced my love
 my warmth, my healing, my compassion
Too hung up looking back on past lovers
I possess a love that is precious and rare
You can't find anything like it anywhere
But if you don't want to go there
Please be fair, don't take the journey
And turn around half way there

Does my love and what you are beginning to feel scare you
Or do you seek the company of your all man crew
To validate you
And continue to perpetuate 
This sad state of relationships
Where a woman is nothing more
Than something to show off, a face and a body
But no mind, no heart, no core

I used to think it was I
That was on the wrong track
But as I reflect and take a look back
Over my shoulder
I can now clearly see
The problem was never me.

Where Your Head Is… by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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