by Blackpearl

I think of all the lies you told to me over the years
I remember how your words would produce hot angry tears
I think of how you kept me in bondage
For so many years I was your slave
Doing what you told me to
Acting how you wanted me to behave
I'm thinking of letting you go
You've been with me for so very long
I don't understand why you continue to hang on
Weighing me down
Slowing me up
I may be 29
But you kept me from really growing up
You see I want to be finally rid of you
I don't need all the head trips
Trauma, grief, and drama
That you put me through
I want to let you go so I can finally be free
I have so much to do, so much to accomplish
I don't need you affecting me
Clouding my vision
Helping me to make the wrong decisions
I look over my shoulder
And stare back at my past
And for every wrong decision that I ever made
You were right there coaching my naive blind ass
I see the times you made wrong seem and feel so right
But where were you when I was getting beat up at night
You would always come back to me
Although at times it felt you were gone forever
I know now, if I don't leave you
We will be in this love-hate relationship forever
So here is goodbye Anger, I hope I won't be seeing you around
I had to get rid of you
So the real me could be found
I don't love you anymore anger
I know now you didn't love me from the start
You are a selfish bastard
Now take your hands off of my heart!
Your spell on me is broken
And now your fate is sealed
Now that I have let go of you
My heart, my soul, my mind
Can finally heal.

Goodbye by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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