First Lady

by Blackpearl

This is to you girl, I just thought you should know,
that those late nights he spends out, he's sleeping on my pillow.
Yeah you will call me tramps, sluts, and hoes
without looking at your damn man.
You would rather blame me, then check where you stand.
It's not about me, I am a woman like you.
I didn't know he was married, now I'm pregnant too.
I didn't mean to hurt you, I didn't' know you were alive,
he lied he cheated, he kept you hid well,
wouldn't have found out about you at all,
if I hadn't done what I did. I went through his shit,
I followed his car, I made a few phone calls that showed up on my bill.
Heard your voice and the whole world stood still.
I know you are mad, but it ain't my bad,
he is also my child's dad.
Don't judge me or clown me,
this shit is not a reflection of who I really am.
How was I to know he was running a scam?
What I want to say to you, is that don't doubt what he and I had
because lady it was real.
Real cool at first, you remember how charming
he was when you first hooked up.
He was so sweet always on time,
bring flowers and candy, spending his last dime.
I fell for the trap, don't' make me no tramp.
I'm not dirty or disrespectful, didn't' know it was a trap.
A trap to satisfy his insecure ass,
didn't know I would end up always coming in last.
Last place ain't for me, I deserve so much more than him.
I will not let you downplay our relationship as some male ego whim.
Don't act bitch, it ain't my fault.
Want to call me a hater like I can't get my own dam man,
well you thought you had yours but look where you stand,
that ring on your finger don't mean a damn.
So don't call me names and blame me for y'all problems,
I got some of my own and I don't blame you  for any of them.
Don't cast the blame on me, like Silkk  it ain't my fault.
I love him too he broke the code to my vault.
My heart  that is, don't even think he has one.
Need to go to the wizard the three of us.
He needs a heart, you need a brain,
I need some courage to never see him again.
I will do my best though, but I love him just like you.
I hate to hurt another sister God knows I do,
don't worry one day justice will be done
and I will be feeling like you.
But he will be the one to pay with his soul,
cause he knew what he was starting when he thought he had it all.
Out at the club just having a ball.
Flossing, full of compliments, even dipped me when we danced.
Now come on girl, if you were me, you wouldn't have stood a chance.
Up under all that charm, walked me safely to my car
and gave me his coat for my cold arms.
His stare was intense, his words were a little slurred,
he said I was precious like diamonds, rubies and pearls.
You should have came with him or at least came on your own,
so you can see first hand how your man gets down.
Romancing women all over town.
I know I am not the first to call, I won't be the last,
you'd do better to finally get rid of his lying, cheating, manipulative ass.

First Lady by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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