Baby Mama School

by Blackpearl

I think I will open up my own Baby-Mama School
The more I think about it, the more I like it - it's kinda cool
Opening up my very own baby mama school!
There will be kindergarten and day care
For those women that like to cut up and don't care
Those that slash tires, break windows and such
Will be in the corner with dunce hats
And we'll tell them to "hush"
When they start that "my baby-daddy ain't shit" stuff
Special discipline will be given to those
That call the man's new girl bitches and hoes
Detention, expulsion, and suspension
Will be given to the girls when
They refuse the father visitation
They will receive probation
And a warning that next time they will be put out 
Of baby-mama school on their behinds
This is a place of learning and utilizing your mind
To get past all your hurt and change your heart
Some are doomed to fail if they get off on a bad start
Special attention will be given to women
That have unresolved issues with their own fathers
We need to get some closure for this wound
Or it will continue to bother them
Before you can even enroll in my institution
You have to tell me honestly, can we reach a resolution
Is your heart was past bitter and hard like the petrified forest?
If that is the case - ain't no help for you
I refuse to waste my precious time and energy
On a bitter ass woman, who wants to be that way
A woman who can't let go is a woman that gets left behind
The bitterness starts to take effect on her heart and mind
And she will be alone, even her child will abandon her in time
Refusing to bury her anger and be free
I know what I'm talking about cuz she used to be me
And I can spot her a mile away
So don't try to sneak into my school
Cuz your lack of progress in will tell what your mouth can not say
I don't want to hear no excuses about what the man did to you
Girl my body stayed black and blue
But I was still able to move on and forgive the man
And that is why I am on the plateau today on which I stand
If I can do it anybody can
Now back to my baby mama school
You might not want to go, but you know you need to
Only you know the anger that you feel for the man
And no matter how hard you try
He still don't understand
And it always turns out to be the same old thing
Let me tell you my first rule of the game
Once you stop giving him some of that ass
It is then you will be able to listen in class
I know that it's good but it stops you from learning
I know how hard it is to fight off the yearnings
Be warned cuz they don't like it when we
Cut them off and tell them no more punany
That is when they step up the game
By selling you a dream, don't fall for the plot 
That he's kicking to you
And if he is serious, then he can wait on you
He should want to marry the best you - you can be
When you are trying to heal from the inside out - you need to listen to me
Realize that it's not about you 
You are his baby mama so he feels he should always have access to you
It's a man thing. I never said it was fair
And it doesn't mean that he doesn't genuinely care 
but what it does mean is that he won't value you
if you are always sexually there
Why would he marry you when he can get the ass with no commitment?
I know it hurts, so I'll slow down
and let you absorb what you just been hit with.
Anyway, as I was saying this school won't be easy and quick
Don't throw your life's education away over some dick
There is nothing you can tell me that I haven't went through
Why do you think I opened this school
To reach out to women, girls, and the men too
To restore our rightful place in this society
I have a name - I'm just not his baby's mama!
Don't you get tired of that lame ass label
Like I'm some stereotype in some ghetto fable
Anyway back to the courses designed for your enlightenment
After awhile you will wonder where all of your anger went 
Special classes will be offered to help you deal with the stress
When your child's father is loving someone else
I won't have my girls graduating bitter and angry
Hating another sister because of who she's banging
I can't let my sisters go out like that
If I catch my students catching attitude and throwing shade
I promise I will hold you back a grade
Apparently you need to go back to day care
It's there you learn to love yourself
And until you learn that - in my school - you get's nowhere
First grade will be for those mamas who
Are learning to forgive their kid's daddy but still have a lot of work to do
2nd grade will be for those mamas who are trying
but once in awhile slip up and insults start flying
3rd grade will be for those LADIES who realize
there is so much else in life to do 
than to sit and talk bad about what your kid's dad did to you
4th grad will be for those women that are really coming along
they are obtaining degrees and have positive things to focus on
my 5th grade class will be full of women with grace and class
working hard, smiling wide, and embracing life as it comes
never speaking bad about the fathers of their daughters and sons
my graduating 6th grade class will be full
of beautiful, graceful, intelligent LADIES
who didn't let their lives stop
and revolve around the absent fathers of their babies

Baby Mama School by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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