Baby Daddy School

by Blackpearl

I couldn't let you sleep either fellas on the school
there's one for you too
I think for the guys, there will only be grade one and grade two
Grade one will be for the no child support paying dads
You will all receive F's as grades until you pass
And learn to give the mother of your children cash to attend to their needs
Now brother's don't be rolling your eyes and sucking your teeth
Listen to what a LADY is trying to say
How would you feel if you didn't have gas money, lunch money, 
day care money bus money, food money - all in one day
And you still had a child to raise, clothe, and feed
I know what I'm talking about cuz it happened to me
With no child support, we weren't married - so no alimony
I want ya'll to walk in the shoes of a single mom
So go into the dress up closet and put those too little shoes on
Now put on the wig that looks a mess,
and go on and put on that old wrinkled dress
Now go to the "play" refrigerator
And make up a meal for you and your imaginary child
I want to see what you make with 2 eggs, old lettuce, and some butter
Now look in the face of your hungry child
Can you agree that you and the mother need to work together?
Oh you a hard case you still don't give a fuck
Ok playa go sell your ass for a buck
Go sell that dick to pay your rent
Now after 4 tricks at $50 a piece
It still ain't enough
So go down to the welfare and wait in line all day
After sitting for 12 hours with a hungry child
She'll still look at you and say
"we'll send you a letter in about 6 weeks"
She won't even flinch when you ask her
what you and your imaginary child will eat
Now trudge out to the bus in the rain
And try to hold your temper when your child starts to complain
Now sit back with your crying imaginary child
And try to think of how ya'll will make out
With no money, no food, no idea of how the rent will be paid
Are you beginning to feel a little afraid?
Are you beginning to get mad and upset
And you want to make someone else feel your pain
But who else is to blame but that child's mom
Who is living fancy free
Got them new J's on her feet
Driving a nice car while you're on the bus
Now brother, can you feel some of us?
Don't her new men, seem to be male sluts
Can you see how this anger and bitterness can eat you up?
You go home with your imaginary kid, there's dinner to be cooked
But you don't know what it is
There's clothes to be washed, but you don't have no change
The apartment needs to be cleaned but you getting evicted anyway
You just can't sleep with another person, and give yourself away
For such little pay, that don't make a dent
When you are 3 months behind on your rent
What you gone do bruh?
Who you gone call
Well call your baby's mom
She's partly responsible for your downfall
So you get up the nerve, to call
You weren't trying to upset her
You just needed some money is all
You just wanted some money to feed ya'lls kid
Now she is cussing and berating you
And you don't know what you did
Your confused, hurt, and alone
You don't understand how the love you had for her went wrong
She promised that she would take care of you and your child
But at the mention of money, she starts cussing you out
But you are even more confused because you remember when
You mentioned having an abortion
And she had a fit then!
Talking about how much she wanted you to have her baby
Now you turn around 2 years later, and you ain't seen the lady!
What are you going to do bruh? How are you going to make it?
You can try to get a job,
but the baby might get sick - and you can't come in
Then your ass is fired again
Go find another job and be fair and square
Oops I forgot - you don't have money for daycare
So who's going to watch your child when you aren't there?
Do you feel defeated and cheated by life
Do you pray for some help by an "imaginary wife"
Feeling pretty low, pretty fucked up
Now come back and sit with the class and tell us what you learned
That there is nothing wrong with supporting a child
with the money that you earned
You got a first hand view, now you can go ahead
and take your tail to grade two
In the second grade, we sit and discuss the mistakes we have made
We make amends so we can feel more like men 
Here we meet with the baby mama school
And apologize for what we have put EACHOTHER through
We are all adults now, and able to communicate
You will see the fruits  of all of your labor
Your children wont' grow up with a sense of inner hate
They won't show signs of low self-esteem
Because they have 2 parents on which they can lean
And although mommy and daddy don't live together
They are enjoying their extended families of mama's fiancée
And daddy's wife and they realize they are luckier than ever!
To have an extended family of caring adults and loved ones
Don't you baby-daddy's and baby-mama's owe it to your daughters and sons
To put the past behind you and work together 
To raise the jewel that God placed in your midst
To love, honor, and care for it?

Baby Daddy School by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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