All In The Family - Part 2

by Blackpearl

To you single ladies that don't have kids yet
Don't stand there in shock
You have no right to look down on us 
Or stand with your head cocked
Up in the air like you better than someone
Giving birth to a child doesn't devalue anyone
It simply means that we had the courage to do a woman's job
By raising a child alone, although the father still continues
To rob us of our dignity
With his distorted image of me
You don't even know me
You just love my baby's daddy
So you can't see that he'll do to you
The same thing he did to me
Let me be an example to you
I'm not some stereotypical figure
As my fellow sister you should be bigger 
Than him and not label me or call me names
Deep down, we are all the same
I just happened to get caught up in the game
Just make sure you don't let the same
Thing happen to you
You could fall in love too
And listen to the man that says he will be by your side
And 9 months later, you will find that he lied
And had no intention of remaining in your life
I deserve respect although I'm not his wife
So don't take a cue from the dummy next to you
I have feelings too
And just like you
I have dreams of matrimony
Don't look down on me
I'm telling you
It only takes one time to end up
With a label like mine, "the baby's mother"
Since when did being a mother become 
Politically incorrect or an insult
Only in the black community do we have 
To deal with this bullshit
From women and men like you
The baby's father and the women he screws
And if you choose to continue to associate with the man
Please take some time to get my side of the story
I know he paints me with cruelty and gives himself the glory
I'm not trying to write an excuse for women that
Use their children or render abuse 
To a hardworking man 
Doing all that he can
To take care of a child he helped to bring to this land
But I am trying to make all you women out there understand
That what happened between me and him is the past
It has nothing to do with you
Ever story has side one and side 2
But you only get the story from side 1
Don't be less than a woman
By getting into our mix
Don't get your head blown up
Over some dick
But please be careful
About how you throw judgement around
What comes up must come down

All In The Family - Part 2 by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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