All In The Family Part 1

To The Baby Mamas

by Blackpearl

You are not the only one to blame 
For the break up of a family or relationship gone bad
He has responsibilities and should play the role of a dad
And not neglect the child just because he's mad
See what these niggas out here don't understand
That one day they are going to have to pay
And answer to God for their treatment of their children
Some day soon the time will come, when you fathers
Will have to address anger and rage from that daughter or 
That you helped to bring into this world
Don't flip the script on us,
cause you found you another girl. 
Girl, Don't let him get you down
with his insults and foul names
Yes, he should be ashamed 
Of how he treats you
Disrespects you
Talks bad to you
And yes, you have made your share of mistakes too
Don't let the label "baby's mama" bow your head in shame
It takes 2 to play the game
And although he calls you out of your name
Don't take it to heart
Correct the wrongs you have done and make a clean start
Keep the negativity away from you and your child
Don't even let him see he has you riled
When he starts with that disrespecting mess
Always respect yourself and tell his ass to step
Without you the kids would be hungry and without no clothes
If you weren't' around who does he suppose
Would take care for the baby
What man do you know that disrespects his child's mom
Is fit to care for a kid, girl you need to move on
Don't give him access to your body or mind
But always let him see the child
No matter the circumstances
Don't play games and don't take chances 
With the life of your baby
They need 2 parents and then one day maybe
He will see you for who you really are 
Just handle your business in the mean time
Don't let him play games with your heart and mind
Value yourself forget everything else
Don't listen to the stereotypes that
Want to degrade us and put us down
I know how hard it is believe me I've tried
Each time my kid's dad would put me down, I'd cry
But now I ask him why? He talks to me in such a way
I've moved on from his bullshit
And hopefully he'll meet me again someday
When he crosses the road of self esteem like I did
I'm not a bad person or less of a person
because I chose to have a kid
Out of wedlock

All In The Family Part 1 by Blackpearl

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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