Second Hand Love

by Blackpearl

Suspended in time. Love that will never be mine.
Waiting for phone calls that don't ever come.
Why did he even step to me if he already had someone?
He waited forever to tell me, I kept asking her name,
made me feel stupid and filled me with shame.
He would accuse me of having no trust,
when all he wanted was to thrust.
Now, I'm hooked and still begging for more,
can't tear myself away or keep from answering my door.
When he comes to call with roses and shit,
saying he's sorry how he forgot all about me,
too busy with his real family,
why can't I understand that he's a family man.
I bring him pleasure, he fills me with pain,
to watch him walk out of my door,
not knowing when he will be back again.
I am sick of these tears that roll down my face,
sick of  breaking my shit out of anger, hell this is my place.
Feel like I want to do something to disrupt their happiness.
Cut some tires, break some windows, just make a big mess.
like he has done of my life listening to his lies and deceit.
Hope she sees my number on their caller id.
Let her ask me anything, I will spare her no pain,
try to fuck me, naw nigga I'm fucking you right out of your game.
Come home she done had enough, she through with your ass.
Found your shit on the porch.
Better be glad you got shit left to pack,
cause your shit should be torched.
Don't come back to me either, you made my life a mess.
Me and her should go out and put on our "fuck him girl dress".
Have a night on the town at your sorry ass expense,
you gone think twice before you step in some more mess.
 We have to stand up to the injustice men put down,
 stop accepting the bullshit that keeps our heads down,
 and eyes closed to the fact, that what your moms told you was true,
 "if it ain't yours don't touch it" cause it can easily happen to you.

Second Hand Love by Nicole Steward (Blackpearl)

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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