A Stream of Consciousness

by Blake Brooks

We were once kings, 
who ruled by any means necessary. 
Now we are peasants, and 
right now it really is necessary, 
by any means
to fix our fixation of reveling in faded glory, 
we have to remix the lies 
and go back to retelling the untold stories.

hear the words of Malcolm, 
my tongue is like a shotgun, 
I'll send a fragment of this message 
in the direction of any section that's lost without direction. 

I should mention, 
that I speak direct,

we've lost sight of the promised land,
so it seems,
so far we’ve gone that 
we can't even exercise our imaginations to imagine a dream.

we've traded the truth,
classy suits and ties 
for money cars and clothes,
bullshit swag and lies
the schemes devised are just schemes to divide, 
the power placed within the people 
who sit to live and stand to die.

They speak of revolutions, 
on big screens that would be televised, but
for years that TV has been telling lies. 

Revolutionaries revolve around residual ideas, 
ideas of idiot idiocracies, 
that are stupid sacred scroll stashed by Socrates,
imbedded with prideful pompous philosophies, but 
don't mind it's just psychology.

I'm so psyched that I go psychotic
and whoever psychoanalyzes my mind, 
keep in mind that my mind ain't mines, 
so if you don't mind me saying
 "this ain't the right me."

This is one reason why I pray to God,
to bless and cleanse my soul, because 
I am a born sinner.

So give me reproof if I'm wrong,
when I am wrong I write my rights,
when I feel down,
I hear voices from bob Marley songs downright shouting

 "Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your rights." 
So upright in righteousness I will stand, 
so right now please bear with me 
because I couldn't stand to bear the pain of witnessing witnesses 
being burned bare naked for witnessing the truth

let the truth be told, 
we're all liars
instead of dousing a flame 
we add more fuel into a campfire 

so while these embers erupt in to fiery flames, 
I will rebel in the rebellions
I will rise in the uprisings
I will dish out disorder in chaos
like a true son of anarchy.

There was a time,
when I strived to be king, but
a rap song told me that was all a dream 
I had done seen the souls of those that I called friends
living life but not alive looking more like the walking dead.

If we're all lost on this lost planet
where are the leaders taking lead to lead us ahead? 

We're better off playing dead,
on the operating table
while doctors administer medication,
we're better off not taking part in the class as the 
tutoring teachers teaches education,
we're better off being in last place in 
the race where the raging racists are racing rapidly towards segregation, 
because as far as my generation,

my generation is held high on the ropes of destruction 
and hope is  hung low as young fools get high off ecstasy, 
expressing elevated expressions  that feebly float to cloud negative 12. 
where after the drugs dissipate,
Life is hell,  
and X marks the spot, and 
I feel like I am standing in the spot where Malcolm X was X'ed out 
because he had dreams that bullets did end. 

The end of an era
the end of a saga 
the end of an age 
where we subscribed to scribes 
and were schooled by scholars. 

No longer do we read to find 
or have the need to define 
as our roots and out cultures are being redefined. 
The structures of worth and value
are in design to be redesigned,
bubble wrapped with ignorance,
and shipped out to feeble minds.

Data transferred is a message to lost souls 
my tongue will continue to tell the truth even if I have to tell it in Morse code.

Look brother
this body and mind is God's word 
so before you judge this book by its black cover,

I'm here to tell ya that God loves ya.

Whatever chapter in this book you turn a page on,
read between the lines,
see the truth and stay calm,
I rage on because 
they killed Trayvon, 
I will continue snapback in this new era of slavery thought to be way gone, 
I’m the 1 in this matrix remixing the sights and the sounds, because 
the masters of these slave ships got these 2chainz on.

one around the neck the other on mental,

it was deemed a mind demented
it was intended by a sinister mind crafted with cruel intentions
it was the oppressors will to oppress us at will 
the results expected for us to be stuck at a standstill,
the grounds of ethics and morals are mangled to resemble a landfill.
Our sins are piling up.

But regardless,
didn't God give us the strength to overcome and persevere, 
so why are we still at a standstill?

Is it just this,
that there's still injustice?

You can trust this;
I won’t stand still until there’s justice for Emmett till.

but still,

let us not ignore the incapacitating ignorance 
that indentured our generations to selfish and destructive servitude
for every mustard seed planted in concrete,
watered by the rivers of consciousness 
will grow from the flows to a revive in time a concussioned mind.
Whatever you choose to believe, 
make very clear distinction,
whether these words ring true,
be it fact or fiction,
just know whatever side you decide  
will be for your life or your untimely extinction.

A Stream of Consciousness by Blake Brooks

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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