All They See Is The Benz

by Birdie Houston

People see us,
As the perfect role models,
Their desire is not liking us.
But to be us.

They've seen the Benz.

Neighbor's enjoy coming over Splashing around in our...Giant sized Olympic pool, We've entertained at our King sized gazebo, In the back yard.

Materialistic's have them blinded, Totally fooled. Though my other half and I... Are under the same solar roof, Where one can glance up, Seeing the big dipper, There's no love, no romance, This toyed mansion of a house Is waxed cold, No joy, nor laughter exist.

We sit alone, Dine alone, and even sleep alone, How did we get from saying...I I don't, I won't?

Everyday is empty, People only see the Bentley... And the only things... That seem to be growing around here lately, Are the ferns, roses, Tulips and daisies.

What, I'd give To be whole again, To feel the gift of passion, Irrigate my soul. Out of four fireplaces, Not one has been lit... Since the day, we moved in, And we have no true friends,

For all they see is the Benz.

All They See Is The Benz by Birdie Houston

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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