Spicy Southern Blues Part 2.

by Birdie Houston

Another hot southern night
Blues lover's head across
Narrow ramped bridges
Upscale men
Wearing pen stripped pants
Sporting spats
Women parading thick
Ankled strapped shoes
Skinny,boney,big,bow-legged women
Wore pure silk nylons
Ladies dressed lavishly in knee or
Calf length dresses
Their faces... under painted
Many over painted
Red lipstick
Screw on ear bobs and
Pressed combed hair
Was in......
Perfume saturated the air
Excitement reflected
Smiles exploded
Laughter contagious
Several picnic tables
With pickled pigs feet
Harmony,corn on cob
Buttered beans
Cherry cobbler
7 Up cake's
Big block ice,chipped promply for
Servings of desired sugar water
Wash tubs held big ice
For long neck beer
Moonlite voices rung out
Time's proven yesteryear has
Never died
The oldest man in the crowds
Always came ready to play his
Spoons or his Jug when he knew
Big Momma Thorton was
Singing her version of Hound Dog
It still lingers....so does
Sippie Wallace
Memphis Minnie
Victoria Spivey
Berta Chirpee Hill
Cleo Gibson
Papa Charlie Jackson....dug...
Hillbilly Rocking
People boogied,swinging
Shimmying,slidding,hopping or
Slowing down, toe to toe
Cheek against cheek
Lips against lips
Sneaking earth moving kisses
While hearing unique
Talents of Author Big Boy Crudup
Clarence Williams
Charlie Patton
Johnny Lee Hooker
Huddie Leadbelly Ledbetter
Wildfire's flavoring
Spicy Southern Blues

Is just how it sounds

Spicy !

Spicy Southern Blues Part 2. by Birdie Houston

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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