Republican Women In Florida Wanting To Boycott Oprah Winfrey Show

by Birdie Houston

Americas most watched TV talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey have Republican women in Florida wanting to protest and boycott her show and magazine. Reason being because she will not have Sarah Palin on her show at this time. Oprah doesn't mind having Gov Palin on her show but would like to do so after the elections. Oprah Winfrey have a lot of supporters backing her strongly believing that if it's Oprah show she has an actual right to run and plan all her shows the way she would like.

Oprah is an honorable woman with more integrity in her baby finger than some people have in theie whole body. She is not trying to destroy anyone's reputation nor tear anyone down like many are trying so hard to do to her. Oprah has taken major, giant steps, and measures always reaching out to help those in need. If only those on her case could meet her match!

Oprah Winfrey has proven herself time and time again through her Angel Networks. Also when Katrina hit New Orleans this Kosciusko, Mississippi-born female didn't just sit on her hands or twiddle her fingers but HELPED! Where were these boycotters then when all MAJOR HELL was breaking loose? When people were being swept away and survivors were scared, hysterical, starving, shaken, waiting days on end for help which never came? Not thinking about going on anyone's TV show giving hostile attitude!

What's wrong with this picture America? The people of Katrina really had something to shout about but even after the shouting their lives would still never be the same. Nowadays we're to quick to put our foot on the banana peel. Oprah Winfrey hasn't committed a felony or an act of crime! Many people know Oprah will do the right thing or are we just looking for wrong in any way we can find it?

Is this a time-machined sixties repeating itself in 2008? This election year I'm sure lots of you would agree it to be one of the most intense and exciting ever to be seen in a long time. It's full of guesses and surprise after surprise! I must say, through it all may the best man win. America stay focused! Stay grounded we have much to do! No time to keep pointing fingers, no time to fight against one another, no time to ridicule, or keep belittling, but time to face the music and stand together, ban together and let the American people live their American dreams again. Social Security is important, widows' pensions are important, retirements are important, education is important, health care is important. These are the real concerns and the real issues we should look at! This can make you, break you, or become a nightmare which never ends.

Republican Women In Florida Wanting To Boycott Oprah Winfrey Show by Birdie Houston

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