Obama Took On The Victory, History Has Been Made

by Birdie Houston

On November Fourth 2008 people from around the world and across the globe waited for the outcome to see who would be the 44th President of the United States.

Voters on end stood in extra long lines which moved slow as snails pace. The lines went on and on in some locations for blocks. Many voters took sandwiches along with them and magazines or books to read while waiting patiently up to 3-4 hours. According to a few other states those hours seemed short.

Both men, Senator Obama and Senator Mc Cain did well except when it came down to the final exam, Obama took on the victorious victory! Obama didn't just talk the talk or walk the walk but he brought change to America by becoming the first Africa-American President-elect! The world sent forth echoes of great cheers.

Older generations gave praise and hymns were sung in churches for history had been made! Everywhere Obama spoke you could see waves of people from all ages young, old, diverse races, the weak, the strong, rich, middle-class and poor focusing deep. What a blessed historical moment seeing his wife Michelle Obama "The First Lady" in waiting and their daughters standing proudly by President-elect Obama's side as America and the world rejoices!

Jesse Jackson couldn't hold back the tears, neither could Oprah Winfrey and they weren't the only ones. This was an emotional historical event that will live in our hearts for an eternity!

Let me say that I am truly sorry for the loss of his grandmother who passed away the day before his giant win. My heart goes out also to his family.

It's been a long journey coming from slavery to Civil Rights Movement, from using different restrooms to being served in public resturants. It's been a long, hard travel coming from riding in the back seat of the bus to being chauffeured in limos but history has been made. More history for African-Americans and all Americans will be added to chapters of our future. In my state, newspapers sold out all over the city day after the election. What does that tell you?

Maybe today we should "Lift Every Voice And Sing!"

Congratulations to our new President-elect Barack Obama his adorable wife Michelle First Lady in waiting...their two lovely daughters Malia and Sasha who will now get a puppy! Also congratulations to Biden, our Vice President-elect, his wonderful wife, and their family.

God Bless America!

And "Remember Yes We Can!"

Obama Took On The Victory, History Has Been Made by Birdie Houston

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