Michael Jackson

by Birdie Houston

Michael Jackson went on to sing ABC with zest and felt that he could BEAT IT with a THRILLER after singing vigorously in acapello he would spin several times stare into the crowds lift his head high and say I..... WANNA BE STARTING SOMETHING for THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL! Is absolutely incredible.

It makes me want to ROCK WITH YOU especially the PRETTY YOUNG THING in the middle front row for BILLIE JEAN is not my lover so I feel this is the best time to ask WHO'S LOVING YOU and would you be THE LADY IN MY LIFE ? I have no intentions of being a criminal, not even a SMOOTH CRIMINAL but THE LOVE YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN.

One day Michael was LOOKING AT THE MAN IN THE MIRROR wondering has anyone seen Ben? Softly he whispered he's GOT TO BE THERE! But to no avail. This made him start to moon walk DAY AND NIGHT. Ben was just GONE TO SOON.

Michael Jackson wanted only to REMEMBER THE TIME so he said to the people across the hall to LEAVE ME ALONE! Read a book for we were JUST GOOD FRIENDS.

One day he decided to become a SPEED DEMOND even though it was DANGEROUS and considered OFF THE WALL. He strapped himself eagerly inside of the roller coaster singing I'm BAD around every plunge, deep, curve, and loop.

With hands high above his head he said I CAN'T HELP IT let out a SMILE then SCREAMED! That ride was better then any CAROUSEL.

Michaels producer contacted him to see if he was coming in. He cleared his throat saying I'LL BE THERE but for my photo shoot it really doesn't matter if I wear BLACK OR WHITE.

Michael Jackson by Birdie Houston

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