Men Of Kings

by Birdie Houston

Men Of Kings, Rulers, Pharaohs, Emperor's
You are strikingly debonair,
Your history traveled,
360 around the globe,
So noble your are,
When you look in glass mirrors,
You are that direct reflection,
Of your Nubian ancestors,
Nubian Kings project though your eyes,
Nubian Rulers live within your spirit,
Nubian Pharaohs come to you in slumber,
Showing Queens who passionately kissed,
Sipped red wine with you from silver cups,
Along the Mediterranean,
And feasted on fish, and mutton
Emperor's remind you
The Egyptian name for gold is Nub,
Nubian Kings school your heart,
Whispering love, respect, honor, adore, your woman
As King David loved his
Whispering...stay wise like King Solomon,
You came from a land of Sphinx,
Temples, Pyramids,
Kingdoms...the glorious Sudan,
Ramses The Great,
King K hafre,
King Aha-Mena-Narmer,
King Amenhotep
Are your ancestors...for you are true descendants of Kings
From the first world,
An extention of what's to come!

Men Of Kings by Birdie Houston

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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