Ladies You Are A Queen

by Birdie Houston are a Queen!
A beautiful descendant of Egypt!
You came from across the waters,
Where pyramids, gold, and
Rulers once reigned,
You ancestors kissed along the Nile,
Held hands,
Made wild passionate love along the Amazon,
Ancient Queens bathed playfully,
Sensually massinging in sweet scented oils,
Lingering scents traveled,
In their soft braided hair,
Oil dabbed 
Across every inch of their....
Hot glowing bodies,
Built like no other,
Full so full, breathtaking
Voluptuous enough to please any Pharaoh or King, are a Queen!
A beautiful descendant of Egypt,
You came from across blessed waters,
Where desert, sands, and palm trees
Represent paradise day or night,
Where Queen Cleopatra...
Queen Nefertiti... you know her name meant..
The beautiful one has come,
Candace...a warrior Queen,
Queen Nefertari....meant beautiful companion
Queen of Sheba..."Maked;" means Host of Heaven & Peace
Queen Nandi...yes Shaka Zulu's mother,
Hatsheput....meant foremost of noble ladies,
Queen Tiye...lady of self-esteem
Your ancestors prayed, 
Dreamed, hoped, laughed, cried,
Danced exotic dances,
Whispered erotic words,
Strolling amongst the Nile,
Making babies along the Amazon

Ladies You Are A Queen by Birdie Houston

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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