I Can Dream Can't I?

by Birdie Houston

I can dream can't I?
Of becoming well known,
Climbing the top,
Of successful, cooperate ladder's,
A genuine entrepreneur.

Hostessing my own,
Nightly talk show,
Producing movie roles,
And starring in them.
I think, I would call my first movie....
Which would be a major box office hit,

"Why The He** Should I Exhale?"

I can dream can't I?
Of walking down the cat walk,
Tossing my hair, strutting,
Joining the next glamourous
Super models team,
Or perhaps try my luck as a journalist,
News reporter, or censored weather girl,
Coming to you live!
I'd be so hype,
Ssssh...as the newest opera singer,
Singing a duet with that gorgeous Andrea Bochelli,
Or beautiful Jesse Norman.

I can picture myself, 
being the first great, great, great grandmother,
To herd the space shuttle around the moon.
I'd leave my poems right next to the flag,
Sealed tight, in a see through bag.

I can dream can't I?
Of meeting Kings,
Movie stars, Presidents,
First Ladies,
And having dinners,
Served to me,
By only the world's best Chefs.

In deep slumber,
I can be a devil,
A Saint,
Or a Fairytale Princess, if I please.
And I'll have six white stallions.

I can dream can't I?
Of riding with Santa,
Across cold blizzard Bays,
We'd leave at midnite,
And return the next day,
We'll slide down his chimney...
Living happily ever after in my dream,
Cause I love life!
And I love living life,
And life is all about love,
If you don't like my dreams...
Poof! Be gone,

I'm continuing on,

Going back to sleep now,
So I can dream!
Of becoming the first ethnic woman President,
Of The United States Of America,
Winning by a landslide!

Good night! 

I Can Dream Can't I? by Birdie Houston

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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