Excertps from "Down To The Nitty Gritty"

by Katrina Bills


"Down To The Nitty Gritty" offers a close look at one young, single Christian woman's life. The first person narrative opens as Chelsea describes herself and wishes to convey her experiences. She reflects on past mistakes, negative words, pregnancy, and being an individual.

Down To The Nitty Gritty

I am a young Afro-American woman who has encountered some obstacles that life has to offer. Being conflicted and stereotyped as a single young mother while maintaining goals and achievements for myself.

I am a Christian woman who wants and desires to be a part of the church and community. Unfortunately, I'm being judged of the things that I've encountered in the past.

Due to those circumstances, I struggle daily to survive in the community that I live in, even though I was looked upon as an outcast in my community.

I refuse to move from the community that I've been a part of since I was a child. One of my primary goals is to teach other young men and women about my personal mistakes.

I am a brilliant young woman with plenty of advice to offer. Unfortunately because of my age along with my mistakes, some people can't see past that. Because of these circumstances I struggle daily. I'm not looking for a handout. I am constantly being talked about. Not for what I'm trying to do but for what I've already done.

Like for most of us it's called sin. Sin is something that happens everyday. Some of us acknowledge it when speaking of others when they sometimes pass our way but some don't acknowledge that they've also sinned.

This explains why people continue to do the things they do. Sinners already know exactly what they are doing. The one who tries to play dress up is usually the one who is trying to impress you. It's hard for someone to see your little Christian light shine when you are constantly being chastised.

These are just a few obstacles I had to overcome, being a young single woman all alone in today's time. Me, Chelsea, getting down to the nitty gritty.

I am a woman struggling with a child born out of wedlock. Not looking for a handout but I am for someone to lend a helping hand.

I am faced with ridicule from the community in which I live daily. Not only am I challenged as a young woman but I am also challenged as a Christian mother.

I've learned the meaning of family. I am a very strong independent woman who just happen to be young, learning about life. I've learned the ups and downs and the things that turn us all around. Needless to say, I am faced with challenges every day because of what people say. Because of this ordeal, I've endured courage to fulfill my dreams.

The love for my son is what helps me to push on. Being self-motivated and totally dedicated to my responsibility as a woman and a mother. Down to the nitty gritty is basically about me, Chelsea, and my son Cecil, getting down to the "Nitty Gritty" in today's time.

Today is another day that the Lord has given

My dear Lord you have given the sunshine to brighten smiles and rain to chase the blues away. Every day is a good day, for it is a day that the Lord has given. It's been said to make haste while the sun is shining and get the goods while the getting is good. For there will be days that will be misunderstood.


Reminiscing clearly means looking back, through the years, at things that you've already done. Most times I laugh at most of my mistakes often times wondering why it is that I've made silly mistakes. Acknowledging to the fact that I was young and immature enables me to look back and smile because knowing your mistakes is what helps you carry on.

Mistakes don't just happen, people cause them to happen. The signs are already there. It's up to us to read it as it is instead of what we want it to be.

I can remember my biggest mistake, which happened not too long ago. It was when I thought I really had a meaningful relationship, which actually turned out to be a dead end street. Can you imagine driving down the street thinking that you are on a two-way street, when all of a sudden you see a sign reading one-way? Nevertheless, things got much deeper. The road I was on was filled with holes and sharp turns. It was then I finally realized that I was all on my own. I even had the nerve to ask myself, "What in the world could happen next?" Well you can just about guess what the next was. "Yeap, I was pregnant.

Excerpts from "Down To The Nitty Gritty" by Katrina Bills

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