Silly Love Letter 3225

by Dvared97

From the quill of the rejected
The mind of the broken-hearted
Where the ink bleeds moody blue,
Writes a letter of an unknown love
That will never know...

For the first time in years
I was slowly falling in love
That quickly disintergrated
Into lust
For one week, in my mind
Your mind, body, and soul
Belonged to me
"I had it right, Lord;
Slim was the one for me!"
I've waited a year to tell you
How I want to be with you---
To know and learn more about you
Merge worlds with you...
And now were through?


Scarred from the sword of rejection
In every vulnerable section
Of my tender heart
Foolish me
Foolish pride
Couldn't resist holding my feelings inside
Got the hots for you
But your veins ran ice cold for me
Tell me
What did I do to run you away?
What did I say?
Too young for you?
Not pretty enough for you?


Though my heart had fluttered like a sparrow,
I wanted to tear you to shreds
Like a vulture
Oh, dear Lord!
The blood drips from my hands
Of an innocent man
That I never knew...
Or wanted to know me
Could it be
You found another
Whose bread you'd like to butter?
No need to stutter;
Be real, G
You ain't gotta hide nothin' from me
I leave you be
I can take a hint
The glare behind your spetacles meant, "Get lost!"
I was sadly mistaken
Forgive me for taking
Your kindness for "oneness"
Boundary lines you drew
That I dare not cross
Miscued emotions cost
A nurturing friendship lost

Remember the heavenly scent
Of apricot and pear
From a queen who stood here
In your presence
With a silly love letter
Mailed with no postage
Special delivery
Straight to your heart.

Silly Love Letter 3225 by Dvared97

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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