Remember That (Last Conversation)

by Bianca V. Brown

The wind roars loudly
Rain beats rhythmically
A song of passing spirits
Calling out in the night
I thought it was you, Daddy---
Looked like you
Felt like you
But it wasn't...
Just a figment of my imagination

And then I heard your voice
Sounding like dry laughter
Saying, "Don't worry 'bout me;
I'm O.K."

I was 4 years old again,
Clinging so tight to your sleeve
Pleading, "Please, Daddy, don't leave"
Even if I thought it was too soon,
God said it was time to go
While you're here for a short spell
I have to tell you---
Reminisce with you
For a moment

My Dream-Glow Barbie
My toy organ
My first Speak & Spell
That Cabbage Patch doll I called, "Dolly"

Remember that, Daddy?

Those sweet, tight hugs that made me see stars
My first "A" on my report card

Remember that, Daddy?

2 counties
20 miles you traveled
On weekends
To see your kids
Every mile
You watched us grow
Into strong, brave images of you
I'll always remember

The dryness of your cuticles
The roughness of your palms
Was built an empire
In which you became king
So many blessings
For everyone you sacrificed
The best blessing of all:
You giving your life to Christ

You finally said good-bye
And vanished into thin air
I didn't care
Gone away in body but not in spirit
I shout from the rooftops so everyone can hear it
My heart was at peace
My soul, at rest
Not ashamed to wear your name
In the center of my chest

Remember that, daddy
'Cause I'll always remember you

I love you.

Remember That (Last Conversation) by Bianca V. Brown

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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