I Wish I Never Picked Up the Phone

by Dvared97

I would have set you free
Wild oats to sow...
Why did you want to be with me?
Not happy?
You could have told me, babe
Given a sign...a hint, perhaps
You didn't
Instead, all I got was...
Extra space in the bed
Eating on the run
Late nights at the office
Short conversations
You were a wall of cement
And there was no way to reach you
But I know why
I wish I never picked up the phone
Your voice on the other end
About unhappiness
A softer voice, tad lighter than mine
Stroked your ego
Caressed your heart
Brightened your smile
Deepest frustrations were shared
You didn't want to come home
Nah...you felt at peace on the streets
I thought that I was your most beautiful
But I wasn't attractive enough...small enough
Gave you water for your soul
But you were still thirsty
Fed you food to satisfy even the biggest appetite
But you were still hungry...unsatisfied
Better yet, you were just plain GREEDY!!
My body, mind, and spirit---all yours
My heart---your home
Your scent was the only scent I knew
Yet you sniffed someone else
Our empire
Our kingdom
Our castle
Destroyed in one night
One kiss to rattle your bones
One breath to wake your "partner" from sleep
One stroke of the leg...and down your body tumbled!
And who was I to you?
What girlfriend?
You're single, right?
Oh, how I wish I never picked up the phone
I wish I left it on the hook
I wish that...
You would just...LEAVE!!

I Wish I Never Picked Up the Phone by Dvared97

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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